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Torres del Paine National Park


Torres del Paine National Park is located 112 km / 70 mi north of Puerto Natales, at the heart of the Chilean Patagonia. Its sublime mountains, glaciers and lakes often leave its visitors speechless. For that reason, the park is known for being one of the Eighth Wonders of the World. The following programs are aimed at those travelers who want to explore these landscapes via quality alternative routes:

Trekking Over a World Wonder (5 days / 4 nights) SIB

The passengers will have the opportunity to go on a challenging trek over the John Gardner Pass, one of the biggest highlights of the national park. It offers impressive views of the Southern Ice Fields and the Grey Glacier. The steep slopes and strong winds will be worthwhile once reaching each spot.

Granite Peaks & Icy Glaciers (4 days / 3 nights) SIB

This journey will take travelers along outstanding paths that are an alternative to more popular circuits. They will be able to walk over a stable and friendly route that will give more privacy to the adventure. Furthermore, they will enjoy the breathtaking sceneries that Torres del Paine displays.

Torres Del Paine - National Park