SOLAR ECLIPSE

For the December 2020 solar eclipse, Chile will offer unparalleled views. Due this special event our product executive Jaime recently traveled the area near Villarrica and towards the coast to scout out the perfect scenario. In total he covered over 1,500 kms of which 200 kms between the Andes and the Pacific will showcase this amazing natural phenomenon. Upon his return he met with our Protours travel consultants and market executives to fill them in with important details and unique tips. He also stated that “there are a variety of locations from which the solar eclipse can viewed, including the coastline, nearby valleys and several surrounding properties, one of which features acres of hazelnut plantations. Furthermore as the solar eclipse passes over Chile it will be able to viewed from various sectors so please keep this in mind especially for those on a self-drive.” To view the full itinerary click here and remember available for a limited time only and until spaces last so book now as there is a high demand!

Also please note in July 2019 there will similarly be a solar eclipse which can be viewed from La Serena and surroundings in Chile. The clear skies and warm weather are sure to offer the perfect settings. For the full itinerary click here.

Furthermore, if for some reason travelers just can’t make it to Chile in the next two years, in December 2021 there will also be a total solar eclipse over Antarctica. For awe-inspiring itinerary options please contact your Protours travel consultant.