Just recently two of our noted Protours staff members traveled to Easter Island for an up close look at our providers and services. While on this tropical island they were able to enjoy some of our most iconic excursions, while seeking out new ideas. Furthermore they visited several of our hotel accommodations and got an in-depth feel as to the strengths and weakness of each option. Overall their days where full but served as an important source of information. When they came back they stated their trip “was a once in a lifetime opportunity, that awoke their inner spirit. The magic and beauty of Rapa Nui is incomparable”.

Below please find a list of our top tips and suggestions.  

1)   The water is safe to drink but very salty, bottled water is a better alternative or for a more sustainable option, bring along your own water filter. 
2)   Suntan lotion and bug repellent are recommended.
3)  Folkloric shows are a must try! There are a variety of options that showcase distinct highlights such as combining Rapa Nui and Polynesian instruments.
4)   WiFi is limited, take advantage of your surroundings and disconnect. 
5)   Make sure to bring along your own small trash bag, as to make sure not to leave any waste behind.
6) Bathrooms are limited, except at Rano Raraku and Anekena, please take this into consideration when out and about on excursions. 
7)   To enter Easter Island, you must present the following documents:
a.    Valid identity card or passport.
b.    A printed or digital copy of the return ticket from Easter Island.
c.    A printed or digital copy of your accommodation reservation, including the address.
d.   Unique Island Entry Form (FUI), completed by the traveler and stamped by the PDI (Investigations Police of Chile).