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National Parks of Chile


Chile is known worldwide for its pristine landscapes and unparalleled beauty. Because of this, governmental authorities along with locals are working together to assure that these unique and important natural habitats are around for many  future generations. This is why, at the end of January, the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet signed a decree to create the Network of Patagonias’ National Parks. With this, Chile has increased the surface of its national parks by almost 39%.

In addition, two new marine parks were created: Juan Fernández and Cabo de Hornos. With this, Chile boasts 1.4 million km² of marine protected areas. According to National Geographic Pristine Seas, 99% of fish in Juan Fernández are unique in the world. This initiative will help protect over 130 species such as the leatherback sea turtle, the Pacific bluefin tuna, the Juan Fernández rock lobster and the centollón (paralomis granulosa).