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Frutillar chile music festival


Frutillar is a small town located in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. It sits next to the Llanquihue Lake, guarded by volcanoes. It is characterized by the beauty of its landscape and the German traditions of its founders. A variety of businesses line the well-kept streets including traditional pastry shops, cafes, restaurants and a variety of hotels and cabins.

Locally it is known as the “city of music” thanks to its annual festival which lasts for 10 days. Currently, the main venue is the Teatro del Lago (Lake Theater), a concert hall housed in a 10,000 m2 building. It is located right on the shore of Llanquihue Lake so that the interior auditorium enjoys a view of the snow-capped Osorno Volcano across the waterfront. This coming year the music festival will take place from 22nd of January to the 5th of February 2018. It will feature more than 40 classical concerts performed by both Chilean and international artists.

In addition to its musical themed events, the town also features an array of culture and art elements from sculptures and gazebo to museums. Frutillar is an awe-inspiring hub filled with tranquility, authenticity and something interesting for everyone.

frutillar chile music festival