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Family trip to the south of Chile


Over the next few months, as it has been in past years, Protours will embark in a variety of familiarizations trips, to gain insight into what passengers can experience and acquire unique useful tips.

In April our General Manager René ten Berg took a family trip to the south of Chile. His first adventure was the 4 day cruise Navigating The Patagonian Fjords (Skorpios III). He describe his time as incredible and perfect for the whole family. He especially appreciated taking the cruise during low season as there was less people on board creating a more tranquil atmosphere. He also mentioned that while there might have been a few extra grey days due to it being fall season, there was less wind creating ideal navigation conditions. The highlight of the entire journey was reaching hidden corners filled with natural beauty that can only be accessed and seen by boat. Overall a truly special experience. As a tip, he suggest passengers pay special attention to announcements that come over the boats intercom system, as many times its to announce the sighting of wildlife such as local tonina dolphins. Also, since this was a short program its ideal to combine with other packages.

For the second part of his trip, they stayed a few days at Patagonia Camp situated just outside the Torres del Paine National Park. He described the location of the property to be ideal as it allows its guest constant contact with nature and incredible park views, without having to be in the center of the hub-bub. It’s a chance to completely be isolated yet connected at the same time. He stayed in a family yurt which was very spacious and offered the necessary infrastructure. As a tip, René suggests that while in the area passengers make sure to stop and eat at the Afrigonia Restaurant located in Puerto Natales. It offers a blend of Afro-Chilean cuisine, an exclusive culinary treat.

All in all, our general manager along with his family truly enjoyed themselves and he was able to bring back insight into the world our passengers live, along with what we hope are some useful tidbits of information. Look for more company adventures and advice in the next newsletter!

family trip to the south of Chile