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David Gil Gil


David Gil Gil, Market Manager, in La Serena

As you may already know, Protours promotes familiarization trips to different destinations to gain insight into what passengers may look for in terms of accommodations, highlights and activities.
A few weeks ago, three members of our sales team went on a journey through parts of the central and northern regions of Chile. They visited several picturesque towns and cities, each with unique charm. The Route 5 and internal routes between Zapallar and Maitencillo were highly recommended for the scenic views of the area. Since one of their goals was to find more options regarding stargazing observatories, they made stops at the renowned Cruz del Sur (Combarbalá), Collowara (Andacollo) and Cerro Mayu (La Serena). Each offers unique experiences for astronomy aficionados and well as those who simply want to look at the stars. In addition the entrance fees are accessible for everyone.
Among the tips they brought for passengers: the Capel Touristic Center is one of the highlights where you can learn about the production of Pisco, a very popular liquor in the country. Secondly, to know more about the local culture you can go to the museum in Montegrande, created in honor of the poet Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American author who received the Nobel Prize. Thirdly, if someone is into nature and wildlife, Punta de Choros and Caleta Chañaral are the perfect locations to spot dolphins, penguins and whales. Finally, Coquimbo and La Serena should not be forgotten since they each offer beautiful settings and a long boardwalk next to ocean boasting the best sunsets.

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